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 Discover a world of joy and excitement at Happifye, where we take pride in being one of Pakistan's leading online stores for thousands of fun and engaging kids' toys. As your premier destination for all things playful, Happifye ensures a seamless and delightful shopping experience for boys, girls, and babies. Our extensive range includes cars, action figures, board games, planes, stuffed toys, Barbie Houses, and much more – all available at the best prices in the market.

Convenient Haven for Online Toys for Children in Pakistan

Embark on a journey through the captivating world of Happifye, where high-quality toys await toddlers, infants, and preschoolers. From educational puzzles to remote control cars, our diverse range of toys is carefully curated for a seamless online shopping experience. Toy Zone is your gateway to exciting and enriching playtime.

Nurturing Growth through Play: Toys are essential for the mental and physical development of children, and Happifye recognizes this importance. Action figures, mini basketball, and classic board games stimulate creativity and cognitive abilities. Our collection fosters growth and imagination, contributing to your child's development at the best prices in the market.

Unveiling Dreams through Diverse Selections: Happifye stands as the gateway to unlocking endless possibilities for your child's future aspirations. Whether it's Lego building blocks sparking a passion for architecture or a toy stethoscope paving the way for medical sciences, our comprehensive collection caters to diverse interests and dreams, all available online in Pakistan.

Diverse Selection for Every Age and Interest: Boasting the best selection of online toys in Pakistan, Happifye caters to all ages, genders, and interests. From cars and transformers for boys to Barbie dolls and kitchen sets for girls, our collection is vast and diverse. We even offer engaging baby toys for the little ones, making us the ultimate destination for online toys in Pakistan.

Arts and Crafts, Learning Toys, and Sports Items: Encourage creativity with our extensive arts and crafts collection and promote a healthy lifestyle with sports-based toys. Mini billiards, foosball tables, and plastic cricket and baseball bats are just a click away, contributing to your child's holistic development. Happifye is committed to offering a diverse range of toys for a well-rounded play experience.

Best Toys Online Shop in Pakistan

Let's dive into a fascinating topic: Toys! Undoubtedly, they stand as the pinnacle of enjoyment on this planet. Our team has conducted extensive personal studies, and the results are crystal clear – nothing else even comes close. Well, maybe snacks and naps put up a valiant effort. Traditionally reserved for kids, the joy of playing with toys has transcended age barriers, and adults worldwide have rightfully reclaimed the right to revel in all things FUN! Here at Happifye, we've dedicated our time to curate a selection of the most exceptional toys imaginable, ensuring that individuals of all ages, from the little tykes to the grown-up kids, can revel in joy.

Now, hold on a second! You might be contemplating the truly special items – those unique treasures that resonate with our favorite movies, comics, video games, and more. We're referring to the trinkets and do-dads that deserve a prime spot on your mantle, making onlookers both admire and feel a tinge of jealousy. While some might casually call them toys, these are the collectibles that ignite true enthusiasm! Fear not, as we've amassed a treasure trove of the finest items to enhance your collection of all things extraordinary.

Our inventory boasts an extensive line of dolls and plushies, acknowledging that sometimes you just want to embrace your toys. For the ultimate huggable experience, our plush dolls steal the spotlight. From adorable teddy bears to squishy toy food characters, our collection spans a spectrum of cuddly companions. 

For those seeking family thrills, we present an array of games that promise to keep everyone entertained. Electric gadgets abound, igniting creativity in the young minds of your kiddos. And for the budding rock stars in the family, our musical instruments await, ready to unleash the inner musician. Spend an afternoon immersed in solving our captivating puzzles or unleash your artistic flair by adding background stories to our collectible statues and Pop! figures.

Now, brace yourself for the moment you've been eagerly awaiting – our building block sets that tug at the heartstrings. Our collection features coveted LEGO sets from both contemporary franchises and those cherished for their nostalgia. These sets not only teach essential building skills to the younger generation but also evoke a sense of childlike wonder in adults.

Regardless of your toy preferences, rest assured you'll find it here. Yet, the excitement doesn't stop there – we're always on the lookout for fantastic new toy ideas. So, if you have a brilliant suggestion, don't hesitate to share it with us. Your joy is our mission!

Toys and Plush

Experiencing the thrill of unwrapping a new toy is truly unparalleled. Regardless of age, the sheer excitement that accompanies the unveiling of a box adorned with a glossy image of its contents is universal. Yet, when faced with the task of selecting the perfect toy as a gift, numerous considerations come into play. Is it intended for someone young or seasoned? Do their preferences lean towards Disney or Nickelodeon? Are there specific features or qualities they desire in a toy? The array of questions can seem overwhelming, but fear not – we've meticulously crafted this comprehensive guide to streamline your toy-buying decision-making process! Armed with this guide, you'll navigate our diverse selection with confidence, ensuring you choose the ideal gift for yourself or your loved ones. Let's embark on this journey together and make your toy selection experience a breeze!

Toys For Kids

Children and toys share a bond akin to peanut butter and jelly. Alternatively, it might be likened to a snug blanket and pillow, the dynamic duo of superheroes and capes, or the inseparable connection between babies and pacifiers. Perhaps it's as synonymous as college kids and coffee, or even as whimsical as unicorns and the poop emoji. In essence, what we're highlighting is that the relationship between a child and their toys can be either straightforward or intricate, yet it consistently evolves. As you explore our array of toys, rest assured you'll discover that perfect something, transforming your child's experience into a match reminiscent of Pikachu to Ash!

Baby Toys

Selecting a toy for a baby often feels akin to solving a mystery without any clues. While you may stumble upon an answer, the certainty of arriving at the right conclusion remains elusive. The reassuring news is that babies are like blank slates, and if the age recommendation on the toy indicates 0+, you've likely discovered something your baby can adore. Within our assortment of baby toys, you'll encounter a variety, ranging from the comforting Snuggle Soother to building blocks and board books. These choices are meticulously curated to nurture a sense of wonder and play in your little one, ensuring their early developmental experiences are both delightful and enriching.

Toddler Toys

Choosing toys for toddlers is an exhilarating endeavor, and we boast the finest selection of toddler toys. At this age, toddlers are not shy about expressing their preferences—whether it's Paw Patrol toys triumphing over craft kits during a shopping spree or articulating which gifts from relatives will remain untouched. Their willingness to explore new things knows no bounds, transitioning effortlessly from composing rainbow-colored music with instruments to constructing trains and railroads for their farm animals the next day. In our array of toys, featuring beloved characters, every adventurous tot and burgeoning imagination is catered to, ensuring a world of excitement and discovery for these delightful little ones!


Is there a toy more adept at nurturing a creative mind than LEGO bricks? Beyond just igniting a child's imagination, LEGOs bring forth a plethora of skills including planning, engineering, math, and more! We firmly believe that no other toy quite matches up, and that's precisely why our collection of licensed toys includes LEGO sets for every child. Whether it's sets featuring instruction manuals that replicate scenes from beloved movies or boxes teeming with a rainbow of bricks destined for crafting original masterpieces, the joy of building with LEGOs is a universal experience that every child—and yes, that includes you too—will cherish!

Cool Toys For Kids

Attempting to pin down a detailed explanation for the word "cool" can be quite challenging, as it can refer to temperature, a person's demeanor, and the overall acceptability of something. "Cool" seamlessly transforms into a verb, a noun, and an adjective. Therefore, when on the hunt for a cool toy for kids, it's crucial to recognize that cool is inherently subjective. What your toddler finds cool might differ from what your middle schooler deems exciting—plastic foods set versus a DIY robotics kit or spa set, for instance. Regardless of the age group you're shopping for, a stroll through our collection of STEM toys, craft kits, or playsets is bound to elicit exclamations of "cool" from both you and your child!

Toys For Girls

Nestled in her room, your daughter conjures up visions of enchanted forests teeming with mythical creatures. One day, she reigns as the world's premier veterinarian, rescuing a multitude of creatures from puppies and kittens to dragons and unicorns. On other occasions, she embarks on a quest to become the next singing sensation, outshining even JoJo Siwa. Regardless of the creative journey she undertakes, her cherished toys play a pivotal role in bringing these adventures to life. Our assortment of toys for girls is designed to fuel their boundless imaginations, ensuring that their dreams remain larger than life and their adventures endlessly captivating!

Unicorn Toys

Girls often embody a sense of mystery and intrigue, akin to the enchantment inspired by unicorns. We're not referring to the hooves and horns, but rather the unique experiences and individuality that each girl possesses. While most girls share common threads in their experiences, each one is distinctly different. Even grown women find it challenging to definitively classify girls as mythical creatures or simply individuals leading bold and vibrant lives. With our range of unicorn toys for girls, whether it's the traditional unicorn, Llamacorns, Poopsie, or Pusheenicorn, your daughter, niece, or sister can connect with their magical spirit animal. Each unicorn variation caters to different tastes and preferences, ensuring there's a perfect unicorn for every girl! And when the time comes to expand the enchanting realm of your little girl, our fantasy toy collection unveils a myriad of fantastic beasts and beauties to further enrich her imaginative world!

Stuffed Animals And Plush Toys

With absolute certainty, we can declare that girls harbor an intense adoration for all things cuddly and cute. While opinions may vary—some may find a plush Nightmare Before Christmas character cuter than a squishable elephant—all unanimously utter an affectionate "awwww" upon encountering something small, soft, and exclusively theirs! As you peruse our assortment of plush animals and toys, you're bound to discover the ideal cuddly companion for the special girl in your life. From pop culture icons to hybrid unicorns and corgis donning octopus costumes, there's a huggable friend waiting for everyone!

Toys For Boys

Keeping up with boys can feel like an almost impossible feat. Whether they're tearing through the house or zooming through the neighborhood on their bikes, they're in a perpetual state of motion, always chasing after some thrilling new adventure. Sometimes they don the cape of a hero, while at other times, they revel in playing the role of the villain. When surrounded by friends, they appear to have concocted a new game with rules that remain perpetually elusive to us. Amidst this whirlwind, a toy takes center stage, serving as a character, prop, or coveted trophy for the victorious. In our selection of toys for boys, you'll discover the perfect companions to keep your young adventurer in perpetual motion, grooving to the rhythm of fun!

Toy Guns

Toy Guns have a special place in our hearts, especially when it comes to engaging in exhilarating Nerf gun battles around the office. We comprehend the allure of these imaginative skirmishes. Whether a child is immersed in a game of capture the flag or defending the world from an alien invasion, having the right tools to safeguard their home base is paramount. Within our array of toy guns, your son, nephew, or brother can choose from an array that includes Star Wars dart blasters to Fortnite Super Soakers. These options empower them to embark on epic front yard battles, ensuring hours of adventurous play!

Action And Toy Figures

It's not just a doll; it's an action figure! But what truly sets one apart from the other? While some might argue that dolls are for girls and action figures are for boys, we beg to differ. For us, a doll often carries an unwritten narrative – even Doctor Barbie draws inspiration solely from her profession. On the flip side, an action figure arrives complete with a dedicated and thrilling story, ready to be relived during playtime—though your child's imagination might concoct entirely new adventures for their beloved characters! Whether your child is arranging their Marvel action figures on a shelf to recreate an epic battle or snuggling up with Crash Bandicoot after conquering a video game, you're bound to discover your kiddo's new favorite companion with us!

Toy Cars For Kids

The fascination with toy cars appears to be as ancient as the invention of the wheel itself! Moreover, there are countless ways to engage with toy cars. A toy car might take center stage as the hero in imaginative playtime adventures, complete with unique personalities and powers. Alternatively, that very same car could engage in a thrilling race from start to finish across the expanse of your living room floor. Regardless of how a child chooses to maneuver their miniature vehicles, a vibrant story is undoubtedly unfolding in their imagination. When seeking a new toy car for your child, it's challenging to make the wrong choice, and our assortment of toy cars for kids provides endless inspiration. Whether it's a Little Tikes Cozy Coupe or remote control cars they can assemble themselves, there's a perfect option for every budding car enthusiast!

Best Toys For Kids & Baby FAQ

Curious about the best toy options for kids? Explore the FAQs below for our insights on top toys and gift ideas. Discover valuable tips on what sets certain toys apart and receive recommendations tailored to specific childhood needs. After a brief moment with us, you'll be well-equipped to select a gift that the children in your life will truly cherish!

What Are The Best Toys For Toddlers?

Promoting exploration, creativity, problem-solving, and critical thinking is key for toddlers' development. Providing them with options that engage hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills is crucial. Offering toys that resemble real-world objects allows toddlers to comprehend how items function in their surroundings. Books and art supplies contribute to preparing toddlers for literacy and writing skills before entering kindergarten. Given toddlers' boundless energy, opting for toys that encourage physical activity is a natural choice. Outdoor toys not only help expend energy but also promote a physically active lifestyle, fostering the development of healthy and confident children. Toys facilitating group play, especially across generations, aid in building relationships and honing skills like listening, practicing self-control, and being gracious in both victory and defeat.

When perusing catalogs or categories, seek toys versatile enough to be used in various ways, as they are ideal for nurturing the aforementioned skills. Costumes and building blocks, for instance, enable toddlers to unleash their imagination differently each time they play. Outdoor-friendly toys contribute to physical growth, while plush toys and storybooks pave the way for silent reading and reading aloud to an audience. Regardless of the specific toy chosen for your toddler, if it's designed for play, it's undoubtedly an excellent choice!

What Are The Best Educational Toys For Kids?

Educational toys manifest in a multitude of forms, spanning from books and do-it-yourself kits to costumes and playsets. When a toy sparks exploration, it's likely that your child is simultaneously engaging in learning through play. Yet, the most impactful educational toys are those demanding a genuine investment of time and focus. Children become engrossed in these activities, unknowingly absorbing information and acquiring new skills. STEM toys and open-ended options, such as Legos and science kits, provide lessons applicable both at home and when transitioning back to school. Educational toys unveil fresh worlds and possibilities for children, seamlessly integrating learning into play without ever disrupting the sense of amusement!

What Are The Best Building Toys For Kids?

If you're on the lookout for a toy that nurtures your child's building skills, a myriad of options awaits. For the youngest children, simple wooden blocks offer an introduction to balancing towers, allowing them to reach heights as tall as themselves. In the course of play, they simultaneously grasp concepts like patterns and basic math. As they seek more intricate challenges, consider providing building toys with interlocking features, such as Duplo blocks and puzzles. These options not only foster problem-solving skills but also encourage imaginative thinking. As your child progresses, they may express interest in building toys incorporating unique shapes like gears and pegs or opt for a do-it-yourself kit enabling them to construct their own robots. When it comes to building toys, it's crucial to consider your child's age and skill level. While most toys come with recommended ages, your child might be prepared for a building activity that surpasses their peers' capabilities.

What Are The Best Outside Toys For Kids?

The optimal outdoor toys for kids are those that combine durability (withstanding the elements) and encourage physical activity. A timeless game of catch or keep-away, involving a ball or engaging in group sports, remains an excellent choice for outdoor play, appealing to children of all ages. Inflatable slides and ball pits stand out as great options for outdoor use, providing a climbable jungle-gym experience that can be conveniently stored when not in use. Toys bridging the gap between outdoor and indoor play are also highly recommended. Consider a play grill or farm set, enticing kids to explore outdoor activities in a more authentic setting. When searching for the best toys to entice kids out of the house and into nature, prioritize durability and physical engagement!

What Are The Best Toy Animal Figures?

Choosing a toy animal for children is a decision with plenty of room for success. The array of options is vast, catering to nearly every aspect of play. Whether it's plush toys, puzzles, lifelike figures, or playsets that allow for the creation of new animals, there's an ideal choice for every animal enthusiast! Children can delve into the distinctions between dinosaurs and horses through intricate miniatures. Alternatively, they can engage in fishing and counting activities with an animal-themed game. The most exceptional toy animal figures are those that inspire children to ponder and learn about their favorite animal companions!